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Elimination Diet - Reintroduction

Day 30 came and went. It's time to start introducing food back into our diet, or not. The Whole 30 book gives two options. One, a fast track where you introduce one food group that was eliminated one day, morning, noon and night and then eat clean for a few days and see what the effects are. Then slowly move on to the next food group. Or, the option we chose, stay on the Whole 30 plan and if an occasion arises where you want to eat a food not on the plan do so and then go back to the plan. See if there is any issues. It said you could loosen the reins a little bit and not worry so much about ordering the dressing at the restaurant because it may have some sugar in it.

Hubby wanted to stay the course since he lost 16 lbs. in 30 days and since has lost another 5. He was all about the weight. For me the weight loss was an added bonus. I lost 9 lbs. I went on it so I could sympathize with all the people I tell to try it. Many if not most health issues are because of what we eat. I'm staying on it because I am breathing better, hubby and I are both snoring less, I am less inflamed and am down to monthly visits to the chiropractor rather than 3 times a week.

I did add my vitamins back into my diet. They had claimed on the plan you would feels all sorts of energy. Nope, I felt good, but I was tired. The vitamins made a huge difference. Now, I am back to the energizer bunny mode. Or as hubby would say, remember the squirrel from Over the Hedge?

I fly out at 6 AM to visit my parents for the week end in Florida. This will be a challenge. They are not the healthiest of eaters and for weeks my Mom has been trying to wrap her head around me not eating bread. And within hours of my arrival home I leave again for two days related to my job - the three day a week - day lighting job.

I'll let you know how that goes. Enjoy your week.

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