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Fell off the Wagon

I'm just settling in to being home. Last weekend I flew to Florida to visit my parents. It was three days of visiting museums, touring a fort, a botanical garden, a lighthouse, a candy factory, playing miniature golf, building a puzzle and walking on the beach. We started each day with me making breakfast - bacon, eggs and home fries and watching the sunrise over the Atlantic. Dad was over the moon, he claims mom only makes eggs once a week if he's lucky. She promptly ignored him. It was a great visit meeting all of their friends, seeing their favorite spots and finding a few new places.

My breakfast view

It also meant stopping at their favorite restaurants. The first serves an amazing Greek salad which I had topped with gyro meat it was served with warm pita bread alongside. Boom, cheese and bread. The next day we stopped at Pickles, a great deli/bakery that has a pickle bar. After a sampling of pickles I completely enjoyed my Reuben and the best coleslaw I've ever had out. The last day I enjoyed fish tacos served with rice & beans and then we toured the chocolate factory where I just had to try the samples. Yum!

I don't regret falling off the elimination diet wagon. I can tell you that as delicious as the food was I can feel it my ears. They feel like they are filled with fluid and itch. On the flight down I felt no popping, I had no issues. Not so on the way back. And when I rubbed just behind my ears to release the pressure I could hear squeaking. I feel a little sluggish and stuffy as well. Of course, I introduced dairy, gluten, grains, beans and sugar in all at the same time. It's back to clean eating so I can introduce things slowly and see what the issue is.

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