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Three Words

I was introduced to the ritual of picking three words for the year three years ago by my friend Cindy. It originated with Chris Brogan. I loved the idea and have done it ever since. You pick three words for the year to guide you. Three words not phrases. These words can have meaning for just you or be evident to everyone who hears them. There is meaning to the words. You put them front and center, meditate on them, put them in your planner, focus on them when making decisions for the day, the year. I have a section in my planner for them. This year I made a poster to hang above my desk in my office.

It really has made an impact on my life. It has helped me focus on what is important. It has helped me develop new habits. As the year comes to a close I reflect on what worked and what didn't work. No judgement, just the truth. Both are learning points and helpful in moving forward. This too is added to my planner. I can quickly look at the words for the year and see how they impacted and influenced my life.

What are my words?

2018: Why, Schedule, Balance

2019: Health, Relationship, K.I.S.S.

Yes, I cheated and kinda used a phrase in 2019 - I could have picked the word Simple but, KISS (keep it simple silly) really struck a chord with me thus was more helpful.

2020: Move, Eliminate, Discover


Simply put, move that body consistently, move that diet, move my life forward, no stagnation here


All that doesn't serve; stuff, emotions, relationships, bills


Really dive deep - What are my dreams? Where do I want to be? What is my new bucket list?


Here is where I differ from Chris Brogan. I picked an over all theme for the year. It happened purely by accident last year. I was watching one of Tammi Sweet's webinars and she was talking about food allergies. She said it is much easier to give up a food you are allergic to if you ask yourself if this nourishes my body before eating it. It resonated deeply with me on a much broader level. All year I asked myself does this nourish me? Does this food, this relationship, this class, this object nourish me? I didn't always chose the nourishing option but, it did make me stop and think. I did make many different decisions than I would have without that simple question. I have a confession to make - what nourishes me didn't always make me the popular kid in the room. I had to prioritize what relationships were the ones I needed to nourish. See how it circles back to my words? It worked so well I will be using nourish again.

What are your three words? Sharing often makes you accountable. I'd love to hear your vision for the new year.

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