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Friendship Gardens - My Bestie

I met my Bestie more than thirty years ago. We were dating brothers. They are long gone thankfully. Our friendship endures through marriage, divorce, new spouses (we both did it right the second time around) and distance. She lives more than a four-hour drive away but, I see her every day in my garden.

Star Magnolia

When I moved into my house more than twenty years ago it needed plants. She was going through a nasty divorce and needed to move plants. Some of those plants were moved at night, a shovel in our hands and flashlight between our knees. She made it out of that relationship alive and so did the plants. My star magnolia which was only two-foot-high at the time is now thriving and at least ten times that height. I have beds of evening primrose from those raids as well.

She has worked with plants for most of our friendship – from gardening centers to her dream job representing the plants. Her side hustle has been a landscaping business where she designs gardens, plants, and maintains them. I have spent many hours working beside her. I work for plants. I have several that were dug out of job sites. Others that were payment for hours of work. Gifts were often in the form of trees and shrubs. Other plants were exotics that she was able to get for me through her various jobs. I am always seeking items that my neighbors do not have.

Tree Hydrangea

My hosta bed started out as single plugs – many different varieties she helped me purchase. My prize hosta though is a plug we received on a garden tour I was able to go on with her. It was a work event for her. This was a new variety called Tattoo. I can now show everyone my tattoo (I have none of the ink variety).

My tattoo

Everywhere I look I see her. It makes me smile. When I am deadheading the flowers, trimming the branches, or working the soil I think of her and it makes me happy.

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Aug 01, 2020

Plants have such a unique way of reminding us about the beautiful people / memories we have in our lives.

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