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Soap Stories

I would like to say I am the creation behind all of my soap names but, I am not. I take inspiration from friends and suggestions all the time. Dirtie Hippie was so named by a comment from a friend's son in regards to patchouli. Les' Man Soap is named for my friend Les who asked for man soap. Not to be outdone a mutual friend asked if he could have a soap named for him, well, actually for his fishing boat the Sea Monkey.

The Sea Monkey

Hmmm! It had to be a Sea Salt soap for starters, after all his boat is docked to fish on the Atlantic. But, what would a fishing boat smell like? or a Sea Monkey? Then it came to me - lime and mint because who wouldn't want a mojito by the sea. So, the play began and last summer I came out with Sea Monkey Soap. It was a huge hit but, the explanations got to be long... too long. Though I could honestly say, no sea monkeys were harmed in the making of the soap. That would always get a chuckle.

Sea Monkey Soap

This summer I brought the seasonal favorite back - and called it Mojito's by the Sea, but deep down it will always be Sea Monkey Soap, right Bill?

Mojito's by the Sea Soap

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