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4th of July

112 years ago today the greatest woman to ever walk the planet (in my opinion) was born, my Grandma. Eighty-two years later she left this realm on my 21st birthday. She was one of five children, born at home in Hartland. She received her nursing degree and worked as an emergency room nurse for almost 40 years.

When things didn't work out with her first husband she divorced him. Now is not the time or place to discuss the details. What the take away is for me is her strong sense of self and determination. She left her young daughter with her mother-in-law during the week and she went to New York City where she could earn more money to support herself and her daughter. Pretty bad ass if you ask me - this was the 1920's after all. She did this for close to a decade. After she met my Grandpa she moved back to Connecticut full time; continuing to work as a nurse on the night shift.

Me & my brother with Grandma & Grandpa

There are so many stories swirling through my head - all making me smile. How we used her ironing board as a bar - my brother and I served a mean iced tea. How she made a swing out of rope and an old road sign in the willow behind the house. How she kept candy bars on the steps leading to the attic. Her stylish wardrobe acquired from Talbots and G. Fox. Her hearty laugh and great sense of humor. She was smart and strong and deeply loved. She inspired me to be the woman I am. I am so grateful she was in my life.

Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you!

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