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Once you know something you can't not know it. That's the story of my health journey. The more I learn about food, herbs, exercise and life the more positive steps I can take to be the healthiest version of myself.

I eat pretty clean - grass fed meats. lots of organic produce and fruit and plenty of water. OK, I do like the occasional potato chip or plate of poutine, because who doesn't love a good french fry smothered in gravy and cheese curds. But, in general I eat good food and lately I swear I'm going to turn green as that is what makes up the majority of my diet.

Exercise is my downfall - some people think that because I'm in constant motion that it should count as exercise - I wish it did. There are activities I really enjoy - walking, hiking, swimming, yoga and dance. I'll get into a routine, life happens and exercise is the first to go.

I'm not making excuses - I have chosen to let it go. I work days, hubby works nights and dinnertime is family time - really the only hour we see each other before scattering. It's also my ideal time to walk after work. What to do, what to do? Eat dinner.

Then, I started to see a naturopathic physician because I was tired of hearing from my regular doctor say to stop eating pastry - I'm not a pastry person. If she had said potatoes,I would have gone kicking and screaming but it would have made sense. My new doctor ran lots of blood work and determined that I really am pretty healthy but.... with a few tweaks to my diet, a few tweaks to my herbal supplements and exercise I'd be great. She prescribed daily exercise to relieve the stress I hold locked in my tight muscles. Trust me and my massage therapist - my muscles are beyond tight.


Handsome hubby was on board a few months ago when I started making serious changes to my diet. When I told him about my new prescription - she actually wrote it down - and that I needed help with it, he took it as a challenge. I informed my adult children that dinner would have to wait or they would need to step up to the plate. I'm learning to transition from caring for children to having adults living with me and if you starve in this house you really have to work at it. Hubby took it on himself to be my personal trainer - the self discipline I lack. We have been walking just about every day and this past Monday we went for a 14 mile bike ride.

And the best part - I am spending a lot more time talking with my handsome hubby. I have his undivided attention for our walks. That I think relieves more stress than the exercise. I really wish someone had thought to prescribe it earlier - I know I needed it - but, having it in writing made the family take notice and get on board with the fact I had needs too.

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