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I'm Not Perfect

OK, I was doing great getting my weekly blog out and then, life happened. I don't have a stack of blog posts written and ready to go - a whole lot of ideas floating around this head of mine and on post-it notes every where. Instead of stressing I practiced a little self care. The last two weeks have been extremely busy - I went from our Spring Open Studios at Whiting Mills where my studio is located to setting up shop for the weekend at Vintage Market Days. My studio is sorta kinda put back together and will be mostly when I reopen the doors again tomorrow.

What kind of self care you ask? I sat down for a minute - OK, a few minutes to breath. I looked hard at what I had to do, where I had to be and what I could let go of our delegate out. My business and home life at times are intimately connected and we had a family meeting at dinner to discuss how everyone could help out to make my life easier for two weeks. This by the way makes life at home much more pleasant - when I'm overly stressed I go into panic mode and am not much fun to be around. They helped me plan out what could be let go of and where they were willing to pick up the slack. It also helped me plan out some satisfying and nutritious meals.

I took the time to visit with friends, take walks and appreciate all that was blooming and popping in the yard. Daily bud walks as I call them have started. One day something appears to be budding and the next day it's in full bloom. I am grateful for the beauty, and the energy of the plants coming to life after a long winter's nap.

So, cheers to my supportive family. Cheers to my supportive friends. Cheers to imperfection. Cheers to the blooms in my yard. And, I'm giving myself a cheer for not stressing over not being perfect and able to do it all.

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