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Moon & Sage Mountain

I went to my first New England Women's Herbal conference in 2005, with my teacher and friend, Rose of Walk in the Woods. It was an experience beyond words that filled and sustained me, inspired me and made me want to share it. My daughters took turns joining me over the years.

I noticed some woman wore a simple moon around their neck. I soon learned that the moon symbolized that one had studied with Rosemary Gladstar. She gives you a moon when you complete your herbal studies.

A few years later I had the opportunity to do my advanced herbal studies at Rosemary's home at Sage Mountain. Thirty-two of us gathered one weekend a month for six months. It was magical. I deepened my knowledge of the plants, my skills in consultation and made friends for life.

I was one of two who had not done our beginning herbal studies at Sage Mountain. We asked Rosemary if we would be receiving moons. She said that she didn't hand them out for this program but, we had her blessing if we wanted to get them when we completed the program. Our last evening at Sage Mountain, Rosemary recognized those who had completed the program in a lovely ceremony and a beautiful certificate, Gayle and I approached her afterwards with our moons in hand. She lovingly put them on us and said a heartfelt blessing for each of us. It's a simple moon that represents so much.

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