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Fragrance is More Than Skin Deep

"most skin care products contain synthetic fragrance; unfortunately, it's this ingredient wherein other potentially harmful ingredients may hide. Research reported from May 2010 by EWG and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found an average of fourteen chemicals in seventeen brand-name fragrance products - none of which were listed on the label." Clean Skin from Within by Dr. Trevor Cates

Do you know what you are putting on your skin? For a long time I was oblivious. I was young and .... I had just never really thought about it to be honest. I washed, toned and moisturized every day so I must be doing something great for my skin. Well, kinda sorta.

I took a soap making class for fun almost twenty years ago. I stopped using commercial soap (most of which is really detergent, but that's another story) and started making my own. I then started studying about herbs in depth and a light bulb went off. What I was putting on my skin was going into my bloodstream and I didn't really know what was in it. I love to cook and have always been cognizant of what I was putting in my body but, never took it to the next level of what was I putting on my body. And that's when I started making my own lotions and toners and the list kept growing until I started a business.

I have said since the beginning that I don't want anything artificial on my skin or yours and that still holds true. Many artificial scents besides having numerous hidden ingredients contain endocrine disruptors. I actually use very little scent in my life. I clean with baking soda and vinegar and I use no scent in my laundry so the little scent I use in my soap and lotion needs to be of the best quality. I chose organic essential oils and list every ingredient on the label. Some say I should just write essential oils and not tell you which ones. This goes against what I believe in. I want to be totally transparent. I want you to enjoy the products you are using and not have an allergic reaction. If you want to copy my scent and make your own products, well I teach classes on that and even give you my recipe.

That is also why I can't make certain scents - I refuse to use a fragrance oil. Scents such as lilac smell great as a flower but, can not be captured naturally. Mama Nature is smart like that, teaching us to live in the moment. Other scents like sandalwood are on the United Plant Savers at risk list (endangered) and others like rose use so many natural resources that it is not environmentally friendly. It takes 60 roses to make one drop of oil. That is why rose oil is so expensive.

I invite you to stop and smell the roses, the lilacs and all the beautiful blooms that surround you and you smell like your beautiful self.

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