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Wait, What?

A couple of times a year I teach a class on Herbs for Stress. Partly because who isn't stressed these days and partly because I need to take my own advice. A little stress in our lives is good, healthful really. Too much tips the scale in the other direction.

In my case, I'm really busy, over extended by many accounts. I normally thrive on having too much on my plate. It leaves me little time to procrastinate. I use an old fashioned paper calendar to pencil in everything I have to do. I resist the electronic versions for several reasons. One, I like seeing the whole month at a glance with color coded days for hubby's work schedule (he operates on an eight day schedule) and my accounting scgedule

. Second, I jot notes in the margins next to my "appointments." It's sort of a to do list. And third, I have to blow it up so much on my screen to read it that I can barely see a full day never mind a month. I got over the E on the eye chart being a theory without my glasses a long time ago. I'm grateful for eye doctors, glasses, contact lenses and being able to see as well as I can with help. But, I digress.

I also work really well with a routine. Most people joke that when they talk they can hear their mother. I hear my Dad. At least I am aware of that. Any way, my routine was interrupted with travel plans and snow storms the past few weeks. So much so, that I ran errands with my daughter on Monday and totally forgot my dentist appointment. The one I knew I had that very morning. Which, frankly made me thankful for the snow on Tuesday. I left the accounting job early and spent the afternoon catching up on paperwork and e-mail which I actually enjoy. I know, I'm a weirdo. Dinner was already in the crock-pot and I think I'm back on track.

Scheduling downtime is crucial to my crazy schedule. I'm sure it is to your as well. And trust me on that calendar is self care. Nothing comes between me and my monthly massage appointment. A little prep - like putting together a crock-pot meal, can really make a difference. A cup of your favorite tea ( a glass of wine or an ale if you prefer) at the end of the day can be a few moments of calm. And before going to sleep each night recounting what I'm thankful for eases the stress in my life.

What works for you?

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