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Elimination Diet - Day 26 of 30

We're almost done according to my hubby. Well, kinda sorta. After 30 days you need to slowly add items back into your diet one at a time. Add something, eat clean a few days and see if their is a reaction and repeat. He's living for a pizza. I burst his bubble and said that would be two foods and not really helpful to be the first addition. We did both agree that we need to be eating this way the majority of the time.

It's funny the first thing they suggest adding back in is alcohol - they think we may really need a glass of wine by now. Really??? I joke that a warm Italian bread slathered in butter along side a hunk of good cheddar cheese would be my first thing. I guess in our house bread and dairy come way before alcohol. But, in reality what I miss the most is something to soak up the juices and gravies - rice, pasta, bread. Because for me life is all about the gravy.

So, what's been going on this week.


They did stop hurting after a week. Yeah!


Menopause, she is such a tease. After 5 months of not bleeding I had my period this week. It was very light and a bit of a let down - I thought I was in the home stretch. Not sure this has anything to do with stopping all my herbal supplements, the clean food or not but, there it is.


So, I noticed that hubby smells different. Before, he would sweat and smell kinda sour. Now, I really don't notice much of an odor. He says he's not waking up in a pool of sweat anymore either.


Let's be honest it costs more to eat like this. There are no fillers - beans, rice, pasta, etc. To feel full you need to eat a lot more vegetables and frankly, it doesn't stick to the ribs as they say. Of course you also don't feel like you swallowed an anchor either. Keep in mind I am feeding four adults - two are active men who work out. One is 6 foot and the other 6 foot 7 inches. They can eat. Hubby is eating small meals in-between meals to feel satisfied.


Hubby is back in his "skinny" jeans. He's thrilled. He has been a good boy and not stepped on the scale. He has continued to take his vitamins so we both have a cheat. I'm down seven pounds.


In Ayurveda you scrape your tongue each morning before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. It gets the film that accumulated overnight off your tongue so you don't swallow it. I have been doing this for several years now. It also gives you a chance each day to examine your tongue. Tongue diagnosis can be really helpful. I have not noticed a difference.


We eat a lot of eggs. Now that hubby can't eat his two bagels in the morning he is making himself eggs. Plus, I hard boil a bunch at a time so he can top his salads that he takes to work. I've eaten leftovers for breakfast since high school so for me it hasn't been an issue. This week it's been salads for breakfast.

Grilled chicken on the 70 degree day and beef stew the day it snowed. Winter in New England. Curried chicken and burgers with roasted sweet potato "fries." The kids had buns and hubby and I ate our burgers with a fork.

Tonight we are having friends for dinner. I'm making sausage stuffed mushrooms, roasted pork loin topped with bacon, roasted potatoes (sitting under that bacon and pork juice) and butternut squash. For dessert - the first in our diet - a paleo apple crisp. I'll let you know how that turns out. I don't think anyone is going to feel deprived.


I love to cook and make just about everything from scratch. For me that is stress relief and brings me joy. I can see where that could be torturous for others. It takes a little planning and extra time to make your own mayonnaise, ketchup and BBQ sauce. The second try with the mayonnaise worked like a charm. Ketchup we rarely use - it's more an ingredient than a condiment in our house so a jar will last us beyond 30 days. And BBQ sauce is fun to make you can really make it your own. I'll have to play a little - the sweet potato based BBQ they suggested was a little sweet. I had to perfect the mayonnaise so I could make ranch dressing for hubby. He loved it, Dude (our son) really liked it too. They said it was better than their old stand by. I'd have to agree - I won't eat the old stand by. This was delicious.

Did I miss something? Let me know.

Enjoy, Kim

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