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Elimination Diet - Day 19 of 30

We are well into week three. It is subtle changes that I'm noticing now. Little aha moments going off in my head. Hubby says he hasn't noticed any changes and yet, he mentions things to me that are different from just a few short weeks ago. Once again if a subject feels a little too much TMI - skip that paragraph.


Hubby and I (so I'm told) both snore. Hubby is loudest his first night off from work when he is over tired. He works night shift and his three days off he sleeps at night and is up during the day so, that first night he has been up other than a nap for more than 24 hours. I couldn't do it. Anyway, in the morning we usually start with, "Did my snoring keep you awake?" I must say his hasn't, it's barely noticeable. He says mine is now very soft. And I do know I'm waking up feeling well rested.


Every time I go the the doctors for a physical she tells me I have fluid in my ears. She says that's normal for New England. Is it really??? If it bothers me she could suggest or prescribe an allergy medicine. If I've always had fluid in my ears I didn't know it and it didn't bother me. So, this week when cleaning my ears (the outside) with a Q-tip I noticed a lot of wax. That's unusual for me. Then as I thought about it I realized it felt like my ears were draining. Could it be a food allergy?


To go along with the ears - I have noticed I am breathing better. I hadn't realized I wasn't breathing right before. But, now I can feel air entering and filling my entire nasal cavity. Hmm!


I LOVE, love, LoVe to cook. My kids not so much. My oldest loves it too but, he is cooking for his own family. The two at home would rather starve to death than cook themselves a meal. And they both know how to cook. My point is that by default their dinners are the same as mine. I am not a short order cook you get what I make. The shining moment was making meatballs this week. I served them with my veggie filled marinara over spaghetti squash. I eat it this way a lot. This was the families first time. All I got was, "I never would have thought to serve it on squash but, this is not bad and I didn't have to cook."

This week also included bacon wrapped pork loin over roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts - a family favorite, meatloaf and roasted carrots & parsnips and turmeric roasted cauliflower, shrimp stir fry and home made sausage fried up into a hash with potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and mushrooms served with eggs. Trust me, no one here is deprived on this diet.


I have more energy and less patience. At my part time job I am bombarded with noise from really loud co-workers who apparently don't have enough to do. I wear headphone to drown out the noise. I have noticed I need to get up and leave more frequently so as not to speak my mind. My work filter is getting thin.

Sausage Hash

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